Friday, 23 October 2015

Location - South Sheilds

One of the locations I amconsidering using is South Shields beach and pier. The main reason for choosing this location is because this is where his girlfriend leaves from on the ferry when it goes missing so this will be very close to the character's heart. I feel like this will be an effective place to film because it scenic, it is easily distinguishable so the audience will know that it is where his girlfriend was. Also, a main theme in the film is sadness and connotations of the beach are happiness and fun, I think this will be a good contrast and will look good on screen. I am aiming to film here on an overcast day to add to the effect, reflecting the character's feelings through the weather. 

Music Permission- Connor Dryden

Another musician I am planning to use in my short film is form the main actor, Connor Dryden. I will be recording some songs with him at some point during the production of the film and it will all be added in the editing as part of the non diegetic sound. Connor has already written a few songs so I will be using them but I are also looking into producing some new music especially for the short film as a form of synergy. 

Music Permission- Foreign Dog

This is my permission to use Foreign Dog's music in my media work. When I first started planning we already had some artists in mind for the music in my film, Foreign Dog was one of these. I am planning on using him as his acoustic sounding music will fit with the sad theme of the film. 

Main Actor- Connor Dryden

This is the main actor I am using in my short film, he is around 5'8'' and has the look me and partner my feel fits for the film. Connor volunteered to do this role as he enjoys the arts so he is willing to act. His character in the film will be a young adult who is losing his mind over his girlfriend who has went missing therefore he will often be acting as sad and emotionally fragile.

Video Test

This is a short video I have created to test out using iMovie, the black and white is my desired effect for the short film. The purpose of this was to explore the features of iMovie such as the colour correction, transitions and the sound effects. This was helpful because it allowed me to look at different things in iMovie and get me used to using it in preparation for my practical.