Thursday, 23 April 2015

Evaluation Question 2 Part 4

Evaluation Question 2 Part 3

Does your magazine represent rebels?

My magazine's pictures represent teenage rebels through their appearance, pose, and their surroundings. Their appearance is important because this is the main thing someone looks at in a picture, there are piercings on two of the models throughout the magazine, this portrays them as rebels because piercings are associated with bad people or rule breakers. Their clothes represent this too, on the front cover, the model is wearing a red checkered shirt which is associated with a city lifestyle and on the contents page, two of the models are wearing hoodies and two are wearing beanies, these are stereotypical clothing choices of teens who are trying to cause trouble so they can hide their identity with their hood or hat. 
In all of the photos, the models are pulling a straight, menacing face, this is to make them look like they are bad and they don't care who knows, the carefree attitude is linked to rebels. 
The surroundings in the picture on the contents page represent rebels because it is of a dark tunnel walkway in a city, these kind of teenagers will be seen around a lot of cities and they have a stereotype of breaking the law often. 

Evaluation Question 2 Part 2

Is your magazine or article aspirational/ inspirational?

 My magazine article is inspirational because it is based on a former band member who decided to pursue his music career on his own, without the band. He is made out to be a relatively successful but still growing as a musician with big things in store for him in the future, this will inspire readers because it tells them that you don't need any help to be successful, you can do it by yourself, if you want. He was in a successful band but he felt like it wasn't right for him so this may inspire readers to join a band too. It would make readers motivated to do what they want to do in life after hearing someone else's success story and how everything worked out in the end for them. 

My magazine is also aspirational because people may want to be just like this musician, because he is portrayed as a strong individual who only does things that work in his favor, he tries to benefit his life and career as much as possible, 

Evaluation Question 2 Part 1

Evaluation Question 4 Part 2

     This video explains my secondary target audience.

Evaluation Question 4 Part 1

This video explains my primary target audience.

Evaluation Question 3 Part 2

Bauer Media and my Magazine

If my magazine was distributed by Bauer Media, would not be appealing to a broader audience since Kerrang Magazine is also distributed by Bauer Media, which is similar to my product and therefore I would be reinforcing an existing style. The audience I am appealing to is already very present in the market because there are already magazines which appeal to them, and my magazine would compete with Kerrang because it is already one of the most popular magazines for this genre but also Infectious Magazine because this is also catered towards Pop Punk fans and that is what I'm aiming for.

Evaluation Question 3 Part 1

Evaluation Question 5 Part 3

Evaluation Question 5 Part 2

Evaluation Question 5 Part 1

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Evaluation Question 7

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Final Magazine Article

This is my final magazine article.

Article Progress 3

I wrote all of the text for my article on word, I wrote just over a side of A4 with a font size of 11 so I had a lot of writing to put onto my article. I then pasted all of the text onto InDesign in columned text boxes to give it one of the main features of a magazine.

Article Progress 2

I have filled in the black rectangles with the text I was planning on putting in, I made the text on the right side large because it is relating to the article so there is more chance of it grabbing the reader's eye and making them want to read it. In the top left I placed the website to allow readers to see more of the magazine elsewhere.

Article Progress 1

To begin my article I used Photoshop to cut out the background from my photo and size my model to correctly fit my article page. I then used the rectangle frame tool and filled them in as black to have as a backdrop for the text that I am planning on putting over it. I also made a border out of black rectangles which I lined up correctly and merged the layers so they would all stay in place. I made another black rectangle in the top corner for an advertisement for the magazine's website.