Thursday, 23 April 2015

Evaluation Question 2 Part 3

Does your magazine represent rebels?

My magazine's pictures represent teenage rebels through their appearance, pose, and their surroundings. Their appearance is important because this is the main thing someone looks at in a picture, there are piercings on two of the models throughout the magazine, this portrays them as rebels because piercings are associated with bad people or rule breakers. Their clothes represent this too, on the front cover, the model is wearing a red checkered shirt which is associated with a city lifestyle and on the contents page, two of the models are wearing hoodies and two are wearing beanies, these are stereotypical clothing choices of teens who are trying to cause trouble so they can hide their identity with their hood or hat. 
In all of the photos, the models are pulling a straight, menacing face, this is to make them look like they are bad and they don't care who knows, the carefree attitude is linked to rebels. 
The surroundings in the picture on the contents page represent rebels because it is of a dark tunnel walkway in a city, these kind of teenagers will be seen around a lot of cities and they have a stereotype of breaking the law often. 

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