Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Music Video Analysis 3 - Catfish and the Bottlemen - Soundcheck

In the beginning, the mise en scene of the music video is dark, it shows a ruined room with all of the band members in with low lighting coming from, the roof. This low angle shot introduces the band to the viewers and sets the scene for the rest of the video.
When the music kicks in, the room brightens up and the singer starts to lip sync the first words of the song, here he is shown doing this because his vocals are the most dominant sound and therefore it is most effective to show this through the visuals. The close up shot places emphasis on the singer's mouth.
There are a number of different kinds of shots in the music video, one being this medium shot from the side of the band. It is important to have a range of shot types when making a music video because it gives it more variation and keeps the audience interested by seeing new things.
There are also short clips of close ups of the instruments at times where the guitar is playing a riff for example, they have did this for the more notable parts of the instrumental because they will link together better.
This low angle shot from the back of the band is at the bridge of the song, the room goes dark again with a bright white light facing the band. The use of the dark relates to the lyrics in the video as this is where the lyrics are more sad.
Towards the end of the song the video shows a silhouette of the lead singer lip syncing into a the microphone, this is a very recognisable part because it has been used as the thumbnail for the video on YouTube. It is effective because the high contrast highlights the features on the edge of his face like his mouth for example.

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