Sunday, 1 May 2016



This is my complete digipak, I made my own logo for the band on the cover to give the fans something to recognise the band from, I also chose an image I took of a palm tree for the back of the digipak because it suited the style of the song as it is called the beach. For the inside I used their abbreviated name to go over the disk because they are usually recognised my this name online and it is a way of making their name more marketable. I also used a dark picture of a car driving down a street to suit the band's name "The Avenue" as it has a city sort of feel to it. Finally, I included all of the essential details for a digipak to be sold such as the barcode, parental advisory label and copyright details. Since the creation of my digipak, I have changed the name of the band so I am not using their actual name making my work more original. Also, the image on the cover has been posturized and pixelated to give it more of a 2D look, like the rest of my digipak.

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